SPED Notification


Encore’s Special Education program involves a full inclusion program.  With a full time school psychologist and teachers credentialed in special education, Encore prides itself on the social development of students with disabilities on the Encore campuses.  Each student is placed in general education courses with a specific IEP for how academic coursework will be administered.  Encore is dedicated to giving all students identified with special needs the most appropriate academic program and access to Encore’s programs in the least restrictive environment.  An instructional aide is assigned to a cluster of general education teachers to be able to appropriately help with modifications and accommodations within the classroom.

Information on special services including copies of IEPs and 504’s must be provided by the guardian and added to the student file at the time of enrollment. By not providing a copy of a current IEP or 504 you are impeding the process and enrolling the student without modifications or services.