Street Band

New in 2019/2020!  Encore expands the performance tour program to musicians.

Encore’s Street Band is the evolution of the music program at Encore.  Beginning in the 2019/2020 school year, the Street Band will be combined from both campuses as a touring Honor Band for Encore.  This band will perform regularly and tour elementary and middle schools throughout Southern California.

The focus of the Street Band program will work with individual musicians to prepare them to create their media kits and their knowledge to become a professional musician after high school as well as give them the experience on working on an active music tour.

Musicians that are interested in being a part of the Street Band will have to be academically eligible to participate in the program.  They must also have good Citizenship at school and maintain at least a 90% attendance rate for school.  They will be placed on a TRACK E program, that will require them to take one or two academic classes as part of the hybrid program online  to free up time for their tour program.  There will be a summer intensive boot camp where the members of this band will learn the decorum of being a part of this group, the show for the tour, and work with masters for instrumentation.

Students that audition for Street Band and are selected to be a part of the team will be required to purchase team gear / uniform.  There will be an elective summer concert trip for the members of the team should they decide to participate. (In the past members of a similar team have attended Festivals in Scotland, performed on tour in Hawaii, and are preparing to perform at Festival in Ireland.)  There are costs for the extended summer trips that members are required to either raise money to fund the trip or pay for.

Auditions for the first Street Band will take place just after Spring Break.  Students must assess as a Level 2 minimum conservatory student in the instrumental music department and must sight read music.

Questions regarding Street Band should be sent to