Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)


 Through the mastery of state content standards and the use of specialized art instruction, Encore will prepare students to THINK/SPEAK/ACT.

THINK – Be able to use both critical and creative thinking

  • Identify, locate, acquire, organize, comprehend, and use information or data
  • Analyze, apply, and evaluate information
  • Use acquired skills to solve complex problems
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for a variety of opinions and thoughts

SPEAK – Be effective communicators

  • Ability to use basic communication skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening to understand and convey ideas and concepts
  • Follow verbal and written instructions
  • Demonstrate the ability to use technology as a means of communication (internet, phones, text, etc.)

ACT – Be effective candidate employees

  • Use independent and group learning strategies to complete assignment
  • Learning the importance of completing assignments and tasks on time
  • Use of time management skills to develop timelines and establish deadlines
  • Use teamwork and leadership skills to work cooperatively in groups
  • Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate strategies to resolve differences and conflicts