Summer Programs


Encore wants to make sure that our students can continue to expand their minds, even during the summer break.  There are three distinct summer programs that are offered through Encore High School to help our students gain that competitive edge.

  1. Online Summer School – Encore offers summer school for students that wish to make up a class or work ahead.  Students enrolled in Encore’s online summer school meet once per week to complete the tests for the units that were completed over the course of the week.  Students that are motivated can complete an entire course over the course of the summer.
  2. Summer Projects for Advanced, AP, and Honors Courses – Many of Encore’s accelerated courses require summer projects to be completed prior to the first day of school.  For Encore’s accelerated math courses (where a student takes two years of math over the course of one year), the students are required to complete a portion of the course online in a summer assignment.  AP Literature courses also have summer projects.  For students wanting to test out of classes, they also need to complete summer projects.  These students have access to a Remind communication to ask teachers questions over the summer, but are not required to come on campus all summer.
  3. Ambassador Academic courses – For the 70+ students that are enrolled in the touring semi professional team, Ambassadors, they are required to start their academic courses during the summer so they can work ahead. These students will receive the course at the beginning of the summer and will independently work on the course over the summer.  In the fall when they return to school, their academic advisor goes over the work and applies credit where needed.  They are not required to come on campus for academics for the summer after the initial orientation has been completed.