Teaching / Management

What I really want to do is direct…. Direct change

There is so much crossover with a great artist and a great teacher or manager.  Teacher and manager are on stage whether they realize it or not.  They are required to build interesting presentations using creativity and theatrics (even in the smallest of scales).  Even if a student is planning a career outside of the arts world, exploring the passion of the arts world and combining it with a variety of teaching and management opportunities available at Encore High School will help them plan for the future.

  • Teaching – Taking part in the teaching internships on campus including Star Quest and the Dean of Academics Internships give direct training within the world of teaching.  There are also opportunities to teach in choreography classes, as an appointed senior director, and within various teams.
  • Management – Learning how to lead rather than being a boss is one of the hardest assets for a great manager to learn.  Getting involved in Office Internships in the main offices of the school, taking part in ASB (Associated Student Body), and working to become a captain of one of the many teams on campus is helpful in the world of management.

Planning a career can be difficult.  Getting a sneak peak into something interesting to you is a step in the right direction for choosing a career path.