Technical Arts Conservatory

I like to see the pieces of the puzzle that I create become art….

Encore’s technical arts conservatory makes up about 12% of the overall conservatory population. These artists are the directors that are gaining hands on training while they perfect and explore technical art forms.

The definition of Technical Arts at Encore is an art form that requires one or more tools to complete the project. The tools usually require some kind of power. Technical Arts usually have direct career fields.

The Riverside film department recently won a state competition with their short titled, “Scirbbles” that depicted anti suicide and anti exclusion messages.

Encore has the first and only high school radio station affiliated with IHeartRadio.

Scriptwriters have won awards and even directed their works on the stages and behind the screen of Encore.
Technically speaking, the sky is the limit with technical arts.

● Costume Design
● Photography
● Film
● Screenwriting
● Radio
● Published Media
● Culinary Arts
● Stage Makeup