Theatre Troupe

Encore’s Theatre Troupe is the team where students can push and extend their acting growth.  This is an after school course/program that meets weekly to help advanced actors work together for upcoming competitions.

Actors that are engaged in Encore’s Theatre Troupe are tasked with multiple performances throughout the school year.  They partake in dramatic readings and are an active role in the acting community, usually beyond Encore.  They are heavily involved in Encore productions and are laser focused on becoming professional actors after high school.  As a member of Theatre Troupe, they work on small group pieces and even compose scenes in small groups.  They also work with the film program to create short films.

This after school program is a great way for a high school actor to gain experience on stage and screen.

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Theatre Troupe

Theatre Troupe - Hesperia

19 / 20 School Year

  • August Balance $627.13
  • Team Rush Revenue
  • September Balance $914.13
  • Supplies Expense
  • October Balance $830.21
  • Broadway in Hollywood Deposit (Hamilton show)
  • November Balance $443.71
  • Carnival Revenue
  • Broadway in Hollywood Payment (Hamilton show)
  • Drama Production Revenue $1,000
  • December Balance $399.21

Theatre Troupe - Riverside

19 / 20 School Year

  • August Balance $106.41
  • Team Rush
  • September Balance $194.91
  • Gear Expenses
  • Broadway in Hollywood Deposit (Hamilton)
  • Team payments
  • November Balance (-$2,213.26)
  • Carnival Revenue
  • Pantages Theater Payments (Hamilton)
  • Drama Production Revenue $800.00
  • Senior Production Revenue $250.00
  • Musical Production Revenue $1,000.00
  • Donation
  • December Balance (-$1,000.00)