Track C – Conservatory Students

With the new enrollment season starting in January, Encore is setting up exactly how students will track their enrollment for the next school year.  New students will no longer be required to complete an assessment or audition to join the beginning “A” track enrollment.  All students that are not placed in a conservatory will automatically be placed in TRACK A Enrollment.
TRACK C ENROLLMENT is what we are covering on this page.

If you are a student that has some training within your arts conservatory and you would  like to enroll into the fine arts programs at Encore, you will be required to audition for acceptance and placement into a conservatory program.  CONSERVATORY PROGRAM ENROLLMENT IS TRACK C

What is TRACK C?

  • Track C’s school day starts at  a7:25 am every day and concludes at 3:07 pm.
  • Students enrolled in Track C have eight classes within their scheduling block, four each day.
  • Students will have a variety of conservatory level courses (Levels 1 – 4) to participate in that will offer a diverse rigor for fine arts programs.
  • Students enrolled in conservatory level courses 1 and 2 will participate in two recital shows each school year, one per semester.
  • Students enrolled in conservatory level courses 3 and 4 will participating in multiple recital shows each school year.  They will also be invited to master classes and field trips to help build artistic opportunities within their conservatory.
  • Students that are enrolled in two or more conservatory level classes within the same conservatory are eligible to receive a conservatory letter and patch for Letterman’s sweaters and jackets.
  • There are specific audition requirements for students wishing to enroll in Encore as a conservatory level student.  Auditions take place three times per year – MARCH, JUNE, AND JULY.
  • Current students of Encore wishing to change conservatories must audition at one of the designated audition dates to be considered for conservatory enrollment in an alternate conservatory OR to be placed within a conservatory.
  • Students using Encore’s free transportation will arrive before 7:25 am.