Track H – Professional Artists

With the new enrollment season starting in January, Encore is setting up exactly how students will track their enrollment for the next school year.  New students will no longer be required to complete an assessment or audition to join the beginning “A” track enrollment.  All students that are not placed in a conservatory will automatically be placed in TRACK A Enrollment.
TRACK H ENROLLMENT is what is covered on this page.

Students that are active in the conservatory programs within Encore and have achieved an average level of III or IV within the conservatory programs might be scouted for Track H enrollment.  Track H is the most intense form of arts training available within the Encore organization.  Infrequently, some programs may ask for a live audition, resume, bio, and interview.  This is a newer set of programs with the pilot program starting in the 18/19 school year.  While additional Track H opportunities will come over the next four years, for the 19/20 school year, enrollment in Track H is available for the following conservatories:

  1. Dance
  2. Cirque Acrobatics
  3. Vocal Music
  4. Instrumental Music

If you are a student that has extensive expertise within your arts conservatory and you are interested in TRACK H enrollment, you will be required to complete at least one full year of conservatory enrollment within the Encore campuses, take part in at least one team during the course of the school year, take part in at least one production over the course of the school year, AND have either a scout invitation OR successful audition.  About 5% of the student population will be invited to be a part of Track H enrollment.

What is TRACK H? (Hybrid)

(Ambassadors and Street Band)

  • Track H’s official school day starts at 7:25 am every day when call time allows.
  • Track H also deals specifically with the community outreach so there will be regular call times that happen before the start of the school day.
  • Students enrolled in Track H have eight classes within their scheduling block, four each day.
  • Of the eight courses within their scheduling block, Students on Track H will be placed in two flex classes where they will be assigned one to three academic independent study courses each school year.
  • Students will have a variety of conservatory level courses (Levels 2 – 4) to participate in that will offer a diverse rigor for fine arts programs.  These courses are decided through Advisor and student conference.
  • Students will miss regular school days one to two days per week for performances and professional development.
  • Students will have boot camp for their conservatory three weeks per school year.
  • For more information regarding the Professional Artists program, please visit the “Ambassadors” page within our web site.
  • Students using Encore’s free transportation will have access to the arrival time before 7:25 am.  No special bus runs are planned for Track H call times.