Track I – Independent Study

With the new enrollment season starting in January, Encore is setting up exactly how students will track their enrollment for the next school year.  New students will no longer be required to complete an assessment or audition to join the beginning “A” track enrollment.  All students that are not placed in a conservatory will automatically be placed in TRACK A Enrollment.
TRACK I ENROLLMENT is what is covered on this page.

Sometimes it is easier and more beneficial for a student to enroll in an independent study program that frees up time to be able to work in industry or fit specific needs within their lives.  Encore has limited enrollment available in a full time independent study program for grades 7 – 12.

Encore’s Independent Study program is available for most courses.  Students will be required to complete Chemistry on campus to fulfill A-G requirements.

What is TRACK I?

  • As a Track I student, a student is required to meet with their independent study coordinator once every ten days of instruction.
  • As a Track I student, a student is required to complete 1.3 Units in each academic course of enrollment each month of school.
  • As A Track I student, Encore’s ASB class sends a social calendar to the student that they can choose to participate in events on campus including productions and field trips.
  • As a Track I student, students can choose to audit arts classes within a course during the school year. (Must qualify via conservatory level.)  This means that they can drop in and take classes as they are available if space is available.
  • Parents will receive monthly academic progress from the Independent Study Coordinator.
  • Free transportation is not available for Track I students.