Transportation Hesperia


The Hesperia campus is considered a commuter campus.  This means that 60% plus of our student population has to find transportation to get to our campus.  Encore understands the commitment needed to create a transportation plan for students before they drive.  There are limited options when it comes to transportation.

    • Parents can drive their students to campus while recognizing and following all drop-off and pick-up procedures outlined in the student handbook.
    • Students can ride their bikes to school.  In Hesperia, there is a bike rack to lock student bikes located behind the G building gate on campus.
    • Students that possess a valid driver’s license can drive themselves to school.  Purchase of a parking permit may be required.  Please go to F20 for current information.
    There is a parent bulletin board posted in the main office (G Building).  Encore DOES NOT organize carpools for parents, but does give parents a place to share information to try to find a viable carpool.
    Hesperia – Students can walk from the bus stop on I Avenue or ride a bike from the bus stop.  It is about a 20-minute walk.
    Students that maintain at least a 90% attendance rate are eligible to participate in Encore’s free bus transportation for provided bus stops on a first come, first served basis.  In order to become eligible to ride the bus, students must fill out a bus application and return it to the transportation office in the A building.  There is limited space available on Encore’s bus program.  Should the bus your wish to ride is already full, there will be a waitlist for students that do not end up on the bus right away.

    • Bus service in Hesperia is chartered through Ebmeyer transportation services.  Ebmeyer is responsible for employees and delays on all routine bus routes.
    • Questions regarding transportation can be sent to


Click here for printable application PDF