CEO Message


Thank you for visiting our web site and exploring our Encore schools.  This organization has been a labor of love for all of the people that have helped to build it over the first ten years of operation.  I am humbled and proud at the amount of dedication that this team has given to make Encore the successful organization that it is.  As one of the three founders of this organization, I am constantly humbled by how quickly and how effectively our team has grown.  When Encore opened our first school in 2008, we had 44 employees.  Today we have over 250.

This organization has been built on the blood, sweat, tears, and love from all different kinds of stakeholders.  Literally, Encore’s success is attributed to thousands of great ideas that someone brought up to help us make the organization better.  Having a respect for everyone (whether they are staff, student, parent, community member, or alumni) is what has made the Encore organization successful.

Encore has a unique vibe that is really hard to explain.  We work very hard to try to teach the students how to respect the people and the world around them while also gaining a work ethic and an education that will prepare them for college.  (At the close of the 2017 school year, over 3 million dollars in scholarships have been awarded to our graduates.)  The vibe at Encore teaches students how to love their arts, earn their education, gain a work ethic, and accept everyone for their differences.  Yes, the students are still teenagers and there are lessons to be learned, but Encore works hard to make sure that the Encore Pirates are ready for the real world after high school.

Encore was created to help young people find their passion in art and then rigorously and actively explore the opportunities within that passion.  These are the art kids.  These are the people that will make sure art and music will continue for generations to come.

Think of a world without music, without art, without dance, without drama.  This world loses ingenuity, creativity, and the ability of innovation and invention.  It is important that the adults of the world support the art of the youth so creativity can continue.

Thank you for supporting arts in the Inland Empire and the High Desert and thank you even more for supporting youth arts within the Encore organization.  Go Pirates!  Encore is the place where academics and arts grow together.

-Denise Griffin
CEO and Founder, Encore Education Corporation