Visual / Technical Arts House


Since Encore High School is the home of the pirates each house is branded with their own pirate flag.
The House of Visual & Technical Arts is nicknamed the Lusca. The Lusca is from Bahama pirate lore and is a pirate monster that is half shark and half octopus. The Lusca hides in the caves and the darkness of the sea’s ocean floor, but cannot be mistaken or missed when it comes to the surface and swallows your ship whole. The House of Visual & Technical Arts flag shows sugar skull and crossbones to elaborate on the detail put into the visual artwork created by the artist of this house.

The house of visual & technical arts covers all art forms where the primary focus of what a student would do is create works with their hands or technological tools to create 2D, 3D, and literary arts. They will work mostly independently with some exceptions when groups are working to create project based works of art. They do not have a lot of after school commitments, but will enter works in competitions and compete in on campus projects in correlation with art shows and festivals throughout the year.

Depending on the student involvement and the level within a specific conservatory, students that are enrolled in the House of Visual & Technical Arts should expect to have projects driven around core art fundamentals as well as thinking outside of the box. Technical arts students will be asked to participate in photojournalism projects at events throughout the year and help with completion of the 400 page yearbook.

When a student graduates with a certification from the House of Visual & Performing Arts, it is the expectation that they will have a great knowledge of the fundamentals of art. They will have a portfolio to submit for professional and college interviews and will be able to communicate their arts ideas with professionals.

Students are expected to have a sketchbook and pencils that they can constantly sketch and build ideas in. These simple tools are imperative for the growth of an artist. Depending on the forte of the artist, they can go through a sketchbook very quickly or take years to work through just one. It is important that they have a sketchbook so they can build when the moment presents itself. A couple gallery shows happen each year that the students participate in. They also visit museums each year to study relevant work.