Vocal Music Conservatory

Sing like an Angel or belt your face off….

The vocal music conservatory at Encore comprises of about 17% of the overall conservatory population at Encore.  This is a great place for young artists to gain confidence and learn how to read music, sight read music, and practice singing in front of audiences.  Many of the vocal conservatory students combine the teachings of vocal music with theater, dance, and instrumental music to help them become well-rounded performing artists.

Encore’s vocal music faculty has five full time teacher / instructors with a variety of backgrounds where training literally spans the globe (over 20 countries of teaching and musical experience combined).  The faculty has specific areas of expertise and vocal artists are encouraged to take on all three basic vocal music course strands:

Choral Music – The purpose for choral music with a young singer is to teach them the different parts within vocal music, how to blend well with others, how to hear parts within a song, and how to distinguish the different tones needed to sing in a choral group.  This is the fundamental tool for good training with vocal musicians.

Solo Music – Soloists and music artists sing from a completely different part of their instrument.  They need to learn about how to hold an audience by themselves, how to find pitch and meter, and how to market themselves as a solo musician.  There is a completely different approach to solo music than choral music.

Music Theory – It doesn’t matter if a musician is looking for choral or solo expertise, music theory must come first.  Vocal musicians must know how to sight read in order to enter into university programs after high school.  Encore offers training on understanding theory for all musicians.