What Classes?


Encore will guide you on how to correctly choose your classes to get the best, personalized education that you can. This chart covers the academic courses you will need to take to complete Encore’s six year academic plan. Each semester, most courses are worth 5 units. There are two compulsory semesters each year. Summer school is not required unless you are making up classes.

The high school years at Encore are a journey to prepare students for college, career, and life.  There are a variety of opportunities for academic, artistic, and professional growth.  Encore’s high school program is created on a four year track  Students wishing to complete high school early should meet with counseling early (9th grade) to appropriately plan for an early graduation.  If students are on a professional artist track that may require times of extended leave and independent study, students should make an appointment with counseling.

Encore has adopted the University of California admissions requirements as the graduation requirements for Encore.  All students will be enrolled in courses that satisfy California university admissions requirements (A-G requirements).  If your student does not plan on attending a CSU or UC after high school, they should research admissions requirements to make sure that they will have completed the appropriate courses for admission to the university of choice.  While A-G is the most common worldwide, this is not an exact admissions requirement for every college.

Only students that pass the classes with a “C” or better will qualify as completed A-G courses.  Students scoring less than a “C” will be put on a path to retake or makeup the course before or during their senior year.

All high school students are required at minimum to complete the A-G course requirements by graduation.