Master Calendar - Hesperia - Riverside

Riverside Madrigals and Concert Choir performed last night at the City of Riverside’s Healing and Unity Service

Hesperia 11th grade student, Sarah S., showing off her AWESOME while rehearsing her song for Vocal Tech class! AWESOME!!! Don’t forget to trade in your AWESOME tags for tickets to Phobia Cabaret this Friday

Students are taking advantage of the Downtown Historical buildings for photo class. Can’t wait to see their photos!

Show Off Your Awesome This Week! Collect Awesome tags and use them to get great stuff. Let’s keep it fun, keep it ethical and don’t cheat. Use only Awesome tags distributed by the school.

Riverside Master Class with Guitar Luthier Richard Prenkert

Students taking master classes from staff and outside professionals on our first Conservatory Day! A full day devoted to the arts! Watch this fun video!