Awesome Tags

What are Awesome Tags?

Awesome Tags are Encore’s incentive program. This allows our students to be rewarded for doing awesome things around campus

and to demonstrate our appreciation for helping out.

How do I get an Awesome Tag?

Awesome Tags are given to students who go above and beyond what an average student does. Taking initiative with help around campus. Either in the classroom or the quad, with cleaning up, setting up, or helping out with campus tasks.

Students that show helpful behavior can get Awesome Tags!

What are Awesome Tags used for?

Awesome Tags can be redeemed on items in our on campus student store, Pirate Cove!

At select times, Awesome Tags can be redeemed to buy student show tickets for campus productions.

What do Awesome Tags look like?

Awesome Tags come in a variety of colors and images. They are the size of a business card and have a “one” point value per card.

Awesome Tags have a value of $0.25 so it is important to keep them safe.

Lost or stolen Awesome Tags cannot be replaced.

Who can give students Awesome Tags?

Any Encore Staff member; teacher, campus aide, or administrator can reward a student for being awesome, with an Awesome Tag.

If an Encore staff member believes a student earned an Awesome Tag they will directly give the student an Awesome Tag!

Can I ask for an Awesome Tag?

Awesome Tags are given to those who demonstrated “going the extra mile.”

Asking for an Awesome Tag isn’t advised. However, if you believe you did something that merits an Awesome Tag,

then asking for one isn’t out of the question. All hard work should be acknowledged and rewarded.

If you have any questions regarding Awesome Tags;

Come visit ASB in the student store, email or feel free to ask any Encore staff member.

Have an Awesome day pirates!

**Awesome Tags cannot be redeemed for cash. The value of the card is to determine the financial amount to be spent in the on campus student store, Pirates Cove**