Faculty & Staff


Dr. Sabrina Bow

Executive Director

Dr. St. Claire Adriaan


Jennifer Grant

Assistant Principal

Joseph Thibodeaux

Assistant Dean of Student Services

Ashlin Barkdull

Assistant Dean of Activities/Enrollment

Patricia Alaimalo

Director of Operations and Finance

Joseph Griffin

Facilities/Transportation Manager


Esther Haskins

Head Administrative Counselor

Blanca Fernandez

Administrative Counselor

Darnell Smith

Intern Counselor

Brandon McAnulty

Special Programs Coordinator

Helga Kalis

Independent Study Coordinator

Madison Kleine-Dennison

School Psychologist


Kimberly Buzzard

Math & Science 7

Shannon Esposito

History and Science 8

Mark Ziesmer


Mrs. Sarah Greene

English Period
Dept. Chair – Jr. High

John Parker

English III, IV, Honors
Dept. Chair – H.S. English & Humanities

Chad Watkins


Rick Warren


Bernice Swingle


Cindy Roach

U.S. History, Government, Economics, AP Government

Citlali Rios

Spanish Teacher

Jose Capella

Math III and AP Stats

Nikola Chekardzhikov

Rock Band, Guitar I-III, Drumline
CTE – Arts, Media, & Entertainment
(A.M.E.) Performing Arts
Depart. Chair – Music

Kimberly Lambright

Strategy Skills

Special Education

Brian Forbes

Intro Music, Band, Intro A.M.E.
CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Grace Choi

Piano I-III
CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Bob Hekel

Jr. High Choir, Choir, Madrigals
Vocal Music

Vasil Chekardzhikov

CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Alejandra Gomar

Drawing, Mural, Sculpture
CTE – A.M.E. Design, Visual, & Media Arts

Sandi Del Sole

Costume Design 1-4, F.I.D. Sewing
Dept. Chair – Visual/Technical Arts
CTE – Fashion Interior Design (F.I.D.)

Cynthia Hernandez

Acting, Musical Theater
CTE – Arts, Media, Entertainment

Jim Quigg

Photography, Yearbook, A.M.E. Photo
CTE – A.M.E. Design, Visual, & Media Arts

Jacob Arbittier


Kyle Barkdull

Business Technology, Game Design
CTE – Information & Communication Technologies (I.C.T.)
CTE – A.M.E. Design, Visual, & Media Arts

Kaitlyn Pedersen

Aerial, Circus Arts, Tumbling, Cirque Conditioning
Dept. Chair – Professional Choreography
CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Lexi Cherry

Dance Technique, Ballet/Lyrical, Cheer,
CTE – A.M.E. Perfroming Arts

Erin Newman


Taylor Miles

CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Desiree Huffine

Cooking, Restaurant Occupations
CTE – Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation

Nathan Wright

Physical Education

Support Services

Kelsey Funkhouser

Executive Assistant
ASB & Finance Assistant

Joelle Schwarck

Executive Assistant

Dasjah Rose

Nurse/Health Office

Rashad Akhnoukh

Student Records

Kathy Cummings

Receptionist – Attendance, Counseling, and Student Services

Samantha Oros

Receptionist – Main Office, Executive Support

Jessica Carlisle

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Victoria Clark

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Indra Gutierrez

Instructional Aide

Toni Adkins

Instructional Aide – Costume Design

Eric Tellefson

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Tanya Herchelroath

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Carol Rangel

Administrative Assistant – Special Education

Judith Knapp

Resource Specialist

Kimberly Bekke

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Esperanza Hedger

Instructional Aide – Independent Study

Jordan Watson

Instructional Staff

Dillon Kirschbaum

Theater Coordinator

Ismael Garcia

Information Technology

Raymond Munoz

Chef/Kitchen Manager

Stephanie Delgado


Teresa Wentworth


Desiree Huffine


Tammy Sullivan


Dave Caines

Campus Aide

Robert Cordova

Campus Aide

Bianca Adu-Gyamfi

Campus Aide

Kamai Keys

Campus Aide