Faculty & Staff


Dr. Sabrina Bow

Executive Director

Dr. St. Claire Adriaan


Jennifer Grant

Assistant Principal

Joseph Thibodeaux

Assistant Dean of Student Services

Ashlin Barkdull

Assistant Dean of Activities/Enrollment

Patricia Alaimalo

Director of Operations and Finance

Joseph Griffin

Facilities/Transportation Manager


Esther Haskins

Head Administrative Counselor

Blanca Fernandez

Administrative Counselor

Darnell Smith

Intern Counselor

Brandon McAnulty

Special Programs Coordinator

Helga Kalis

Independent Study Coordinator

Madison Kleine-Dennison

School Psychologist


Kimberly Buzzard

Math & Science 7

Mark Ziesmer


Mrs. Sarah Greene

English Period
Dept. Chair – Jr. High

John Parker

English III, IV, Honors
Dept. Chair – H.S. English & Humanities

Chad Watkins


Rick Warren


Cindy Roach

U.S. History, Government, Economics, AP Government

Citlali Rios

Spanish Teacher

Jose Capella

Math III and AP Stats

Nikola Chekardzhikov

Rock Band, Guitar I-III, Drumline
CTE – Arts, Media, & Entertainment
(A.M.E.) Performing Arts
Depart. Chair – Music

Kimberly Lambright

Strategy Skills

Special Education

Brian Forbes

Intro Music, Band, Intro A.M.E.
CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Grace Choi

Piano I-III
CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Bob Hekel

Jr. High Choir, Choir, Madrigals
Vocal Music

Vasil Chekardzhikov

CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Alejandra Gomar

Drawing, Mural, Sculpture
CTE – A.M.E. Design, Visual, & Media Arts

Sandi Del Sole

Costume Design 1-4, F.I.D. Sewing
Dept. Chair – Visual/Technical Arts
CTE – Fashion Interior Design (F.I.D.)

Cynthia Hernandez

Acting, Musical Theater
CTE – Arts, Media, Entertainment

Jim Quigg

Photography, Yearbook, A.M.E. Photo
CTE – A.M.E. Design, Visual, & Media Arts

Jacob Arbittier


Kyle Barkdull

Business Technology, Game Design
CTE – Information & Communication Technologies (I.C.T.)
CTE – A.M.E. Design, Visual, & Media Arts

Kaitlyn Pedersen

Aerial, Circus Arts, Tumbling, Cirque Conditioning
Dept. Chair – Professional Choreography
CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Lexi Cherry

Dance Technique, Ballet/Lyrical, Cheer,
CTE – A.M.E. Perfroming Arts

Erin Newman


Taylor Miles

CTE – A.M.E. Performing Arts

Desiree Huffine

Cooking, Restaurant Occupations
CTE – Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation

Support Services

Kelsey Funkhouser

Executive Assistant
ASB & Finance Assistant

Joelle Schwarck

Executive Assistant

Dasjah Rose

Nurse/Health Office

Shannon Esposito

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Rashad Akhnoukh

Student Records

Kathy Cummings

Receptionist – Attendance, Counseling, and Student Services

Samantha Oros

Receptionist – Main Office, Executive Support

Jessica Carlisle

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Victoria Clark

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Bernice Swingle

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Indra Gutierrez

Instructional Aide

Toni Adkins

Instructional Aide – Costume Design

Eric Tellefson

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Tanya Herchelroath

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Carol Rangel

Administrative Assistant – Special Education

Judith Knapp

Resource Specialist

Kimberly Bekke

Instructional Aide – Special Education

Esperanza Hedger

Instructional Aide – Independent Study

Dillon Kirschbaum

Theater Coordinator

Ismael Garcia

Information Technology

Raymond Munoz

Chef/Kitchen Manager

Stephanie Delgado


Teresa Wentworth


Tammy Sullivan


Dave Caines

Campus Aide

Robert Cordova

Campus Aide

Bianca Adu-Gyamfi

Campus Aide

Kamai Keys

Campus Aide

Na-Vaughn Simmons

Campus Aide